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envlist =
# Most of these are defaults but if you specify any you can't fall back
# to defaults for others.
basepython =
py26: python2.6
py27: python2.7
py33: python3.3
py34: python3.4
py35: python3.5
pypy: pypy
pypy3: pypy3
py2: python2.7
py3: python3.5
commands =
pip install colander[testing]
nosetests --with-xunit --xunit-file=nosetests-{envname}.xml {posargs:}
basepython = python3.5
whitelist_externals = make
commands =
pip install colander[docs]
make -C docs html epub BUILDDIR={envdir} "SPHINXOPTS=-W -E"
# we separate coverage into its own testenv because a) "last run wins" wrt
# cobertura jenkins reporting and b) pypy and jython can't handle any
# combination of versions of coverage and nosexcover that i can find.
commands =
pip install colander[testing]
coverage run --source=colander {envbindir}/nosetests
coverage xml -o {envname}.xml
commands =
setenv =
commands =
setenv =
basepython = python3.5
commands =
coverage erase
coverage combine
coverage xml
coverage report --show-missing --fail-under=100
deps =
setenv =
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