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Changed the docs to reflect the new colander.drop object.

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@@ -1652,7 +1652,9 @@ class _SchemaNode(object):
not provided, the missing value of this node will be the special marker
value :attr:`colander.required`, indicating that it is considered
'required'. When ``missing`` is :attr:`colander.required`, the
- ``required`` computed attribute will be ``True``.
+ ``required`` computed attribute will be ``True``. When ``missing`` is
+ :attr:`colander.drop`, the node is dropped from the schema if it isn't
+ set during serialization/deserialization.
- ``preparer``: Optional preparer for this node. It should be
an object that implements the
@@ -139,3 +139,7 @@ Schema-Related
.. attribute:: required
Represents a required value in colander-related operations.
+ .. attribute:: drop
+ Represents a value that will be dropped from the schema if it is missing. Passed
+ ass a value to the `missing` keyword argument.

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