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Translation domains of messages passed to validators #83

rkintzi opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Take a look at __call__ methods of Range validator:

if self.min is not None:
    if value < self.min:
        min_err = _(self.min_err, mapping={'val':value, 'min':self.min})
        raise Invalid(node, min_err)

Shoudn't there be:

        min_err = translationstring.TranslationString(self.min_err, 
                mapping={'val':value, 'min':self.min})

So it appears that if you pass a TranslationString into a TranslationString, it resolves as you would think. The properties of the inner TranslationString override the outer. So check out this code:

import colander
import translationstring

_ = translationstring.TranslationStringFactory('test')

schema = colander.SchemaNode(colander.Mapping(),
                                                 validator=colander.Range(min=0, max=5, max_err=_('blah'))))

if __name__ == '__main__':
        data = schema.deserialize({'number': 10})
    except Exception as e:
        assert isinstance(e, colander.Invalid)

    # more specifically
    validator = colander.Range(min=0, max=5, max_err=_('blah'))
    assert validator.max_err.domain == 'test'

P.S. sorry for getting around to this so late.


I have a validator:

def age_validator(node, value):
    if value <= 0:
        raise colander.Invalid(node, _(u"Age must be greater then 0"))

Error message is translated to polish, and in a browser I can see translation.

I have just checked that following version of valiadtor does not work (in the browser I see message stored in code).

def age_validator(node, value):
    validator = colander.Range(min=1, min_err=_(u"Age must be greater then 0"))
    assert (validator.min_err.domain == 'KonsultacjeNPR')

For some reason it does not matter that translation domain is correct. The problem does not occur when you use the modified version of the range validator (as I described in first comment).

I am using translationstring-1.1 and colander-0.9.9 (with colander-1.0a2 I have the same problem).

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@rkintzi rkintzi reopened this

Ok I have your error reproduced. Going to attempt to find a solution for it.


This issue resulted in a pull request to translationstring, changing the way TranslationStringFactory works. It can be found here: Pylons/translationstring#12.


Marking as "sprintable" to see if someone can determine if this is actually fixed.


Seems to be fixed to me.

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