Custom boolean values #97

merged 2 commits into from May 6, 2013
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @lmctv @jayd3e

    Allow custom setting of true/false choices

    lmctv committed with jayd3e Jan 17, 2013
    both on deserialization and on serialization.
    Preserve existing behaviour by setting false_choices to ('false', '0'),
    true_choices to an empty tuple, false_val to 'false' and true_val to 'true'.
    The new behaviour lets the caller use translated strings both in
    deserialization and in serialization, as in:
        bool=Boolean(false_choices=(_('no'),_('false'),_('n'),_('f'), '0'),
                     true_choices=(_('yes'),_('true'),_('y'),_('t'), '1'),
                     false_val=_('false'), true_val=_('true'))
  2. @lmctv @jayd3e

    Add myself to CONTRIBUTORS.

    lmctv committed with jayd3e Jan 29, 2013