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Using Ajax Forms

To create a form object that uses AJAX, we do this:

:ref:`creating_a_form` indicates how to create a Form object based on a schema and some buttons. Creating an AJAX form uses the same constructor as creating a non-AJAX form: the only difference between the example provided in the :ref:`creating_a_form` section and the example above of creating an AJAX form is the additional use_ajax=True argument passed to the Form constructor.

If use_ajax is passed as True to the constructor of a :class:`deform.Form` object, the form page is rendered in such a way that when a submit button is pressed, the page is not reloaded. Instead, the form is posted, and the result of the post replaces the form element's DOM node.

Examples of using the AJAX facilities in Deform are showcased on the demonstration website:

Note that for AJAX forms to work, the jquery.form.js library must be included in the rendering of the page that includes the form itself. This is the responsibility of the wrapping page; Deform does not help here. This library is present in the static directory of the :mod:`deform` package itself.

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