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2.0.4 (unreleased)
- Nothing changed yet.
2.0.3 (2016-11-19)
- Added accordions to MappingWidget:
- Added CSS class ``deform-form-buttons`` to style form button group:
- Add more options to ``TextAreaCSVWidget``:
- Always render an item with a default CSS class:
- Updated pickdate.js library used for the date picker:
- Widget Selenium test suite runs both under Python 2 and 3. Lots of Selenium testing headache fixed with some implicit wait support.
.. note ::
Currently Python 3 file upload widget may have compatibility issues Please see deformdemo/ for details.
2.0.2 (2016-11-14)
- Fix regression of ``<select>`` widget default values not honoured
- Updated Select2 widget JavaScript
2.0.1 (2016-10-25)
- Drop support for Python 2.6.
- Documentation reorganization and clean up to conform with Pylons Project
- Fix select and select2 widget templates failing on Python 3.x
2.0 (2016-10-23)
- Release polish
2.0b3 (2016-10-22)
- Update demos and add standalone mini example
2.0b2 (2016-10-22)
- Fix README on PyPi
2.0b1 (2016-10-22)
- Updated bootstrap to 3.3.6.
- Fix and for changes in bootstrap v3.0.3.
(The culprit is boostrap commit
`853b69f <>`_.)
- Make ``dateinput`` work again by using the fixed name "date" as expected
by the pstruct schema. See
- Changed ``ISO8601_REGEX`` import to match change in colander
- Add support for Python 3.4, PyPy3.
- Raise ``Invalid`` rather than other errors when deserializing broken
or malicious pstructs with invalid types. See
- Read a time widget.
- Fix a bug in the DateInputWidget. See
- Ensured that ``None`` would not show up as a css class name in rendered
template output. See
we now use dashed-names (e.g. ``deform-seq``). A full list of changes is
Old New
deformClosebutton deform-closebutton
deformFileupload deform-file-upload
deformFormFieldset deform-form-fieldset
deformInsertBefore deform-insert-before
deformOrderbutton deform-orderbutton
deformProto deform-proto
deformReplaces deform-replaces
deformSeq deform-seq
deformSeqAdd deform-seq-add
deformSeqContainer deform-seq-container
deformSeqItem deform-seq-item
deformSet-item deform-set-item
errorMsg error-msg
errorMsgLbl error-msg-lbl
- Fixed handling of buttons in nested sequences.
- Upload widget is themed like Bootstrap
- Select widget handles the mixture of strings and ints and
- Have the button css_class override the default button class. This is
backwards-incompatible and will require users of css_class to add a
btn-default/btn-primary class to the css_class.
- Simplified Chinese translation
- Don't cause unnecessary JavaScript calls on page load
- Allow override Button Bootstap CSS styles
2.0a2 (2013-10-18)
- ``PasswordWidget`` and ``CheckedPasswordWidget`` have grown an additional
argument/attribute named ``redisplay``, which controls what happens on a
validation failure of a form involving such a field. If ``redisplay`` is
``True`` (the default), the password will be re-rendered into the form when
the form is re-rendered after validation failure. If ``redisplay`` is
``False``, the password will not be re-rendered into the form. The default
is ``False``, which means that, as of this release, passwords will not
be redisplayed; this changes the default behavior wrt previous releases.
Values typed into password fields are not redisplayed by default during
validation failure, as a security measure (the value winds up in browser
history). Use ``PasswordWidget(redisplay=True)`` or
``CheckedPasswordWidget(redisplay=True)`` to make these widgets redisplay
passwords on validation failures, matching the old behavior.
- When using the default Chameleon template renderer, template names can now
be "asset specifications" e.g. ``mypackage:subdir1/subdir2/``
instead of extensionless paths relative to a search path. When
template names are specified as asset specifications, the
``pkg_resources.resource_filename`` API is used to dereference them
into an actual file path.
2.0a1 (2013-10-05)
This is an alpha release of Deform v2. Deform v2 is backwards incompatible
with Deform v1. It requires the use of Twitter Bootstrap v3, whereas
deform v1 did not require Bootstrap.
A demonstration site that shows Deform 2 in action exists at
Both Deform 1 and Deform 2 will be maintained going forward. If you wish
to continue using Deform 1, because you cannot upgrade, or cannot depend on
Bootstrap 3, please pin your deform distribution requirement to
something below 2.0a1, e.g. ``deform<=1.999``.
This first alpha release is missing formal documentation updates. Apologies,
we needed to get a release out onto PyPI, as not having one is holding back
the development of a number of platforms and applications that depend on the
changes in v2+. Documentation updates will be forthcoming over the lifetime
of future alpha/beta releases. However, below is a list of known issues that
need to be addressed to make a final release of Deform 2, as well as
information about new features, and migration notes. You may also be
able to make use of the demo site at to divine
how things have changed, and what CSS and JavaScript resources you'll need
to include in your pages to make use of this release.
- docs
- decide how to explain form.css (include in requirements or?)
- horizontal/inline forms + structural things
- assets for templates: deform should provide a tool to resolve that?
- placeholder support for all textual inputs (and required/maxlength
see also
- display help-blocks for readonly fields?
- maybe readonly should be a property of the schema, not the widget.
- consider whether "style"/"css_class" on multi-input widgets should apply to
a container or each element.
- audit use of e.g. string:${css_class} so we don't see unexpected class="None"
in widget rendering output.
- some sort of test for mapping_item input_prepend/input_append
- Currently description shows up as both tooltip of label and as help-block.
Maybe make these two things separate or at least don't show them both using
the same value.
- normalize CSS class names to deform-foo rather than deformFoo
- sequence_of_sequences: js that processes close/order buttons has to
be less promiscuous (it uses e.g. "find"); symptom: buttons
appear/disappear, act on the wrong element, etc... ugh 2013/10/05
cannot replicate, but still believe there may be an issue, but
maybe iElectric fixed it
- structural widget ( - do we need that or not or what? +
add a demo
- prepend/append t.bootstrap stuff
- group demos by widget type
- handle ajax demo more UX friendly
- Put drag handles in panel headers:
- input_prepend/input_append in mapping_item widget.
- field.parent
- field.get_root
- inline attr of checkboxchoice and radiochoice widgets (see
- removed deprecated `height, width, skin, theme` parameters from RichTextWidget
(use "options" instead)
- removed deprecated `render_initial_item` from SequenceWidget
- removed deprecated deform.Set (use colander.Set instead)
- DateInputWidget renamed parameter `dateFormat` to `format` (dateFormat
now unsupported).
- DateTimeInputWidget now renders as two fields: one for a date and one
for a time, using pickadate.
- We no longer bother trying to use the native datetimeinput widget on any
browser, because the support is so spotty.
- DateTimeInputWidget takes two options now: date_options and time_options
instead of a single options dictionary. The options are pickadate
date/time options respectively.
- It is no longer possible to do DateTimeWidget().options['a'] = 'foo'
or DateTimeWidget().date_options['a'] = 'foo'. If you need to change
options imperatively, set the entire .options/.date_options dictionary.
- merged TypeaheadInputWidget to AutocompleteInputWidget (removed delay
- AutocompleteInputWidget now accepts string type for "values"
- widgets no longer accepts "size" (instead use style="width: x"), except
SelectWidget (it means the size of the dropdown)
- get_widget_resources now returns asset specifications rather than
deform-static-relative paths
- deform 2.0 requires users to manually load TB 3.0 and jquery 2.0
- required labels no longer insert an asterisk inside a <span class="req">
inside themselves. instead the label element has a required class
if the field is required; use form.css to display this as an asterisk.
- min_length of AutocompleteInputWidget now defaults to 1 (was 2)