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All projects under the Pylons Projects, including this one, follow the guidelines established at [How to Contribute]( and [Coding Style and Standards](

You can contribute to this project in several ways.

Discuss proposed changes first

To propose a change, open an issue on Github for discussion, preferably before starting any coding. Ask the authors' opinion how the issue should be approached, as this will make it easier to merge the pull request later.

Unit tests

All features must be covered by unit tests, so that test coverage stays at 100%.

To run tests:

pip install tox  # System wide installation

This will run tests for Python 2.x, Python 3.x, PyPy, functional, coverage, and documentation.

Functional tests

All features must be covered by functional tests and have example use.


Fun fact: Functional tests behave differently depending on if you are looking the browser window or not.

Preparing compatible browser

Functional tests run on Firefox 45 and Selenium 2.56. Below are instructions for OSX:

  • Download Firefox 45 ESR (OSX)

  • Rename to

  • Copy to Applications

  • Prepare your test run:

    export FIREFOX_PATH=/Applications/


Selenium 3: As the writing of this Marionette geckodriver for Firefox is incomplete and cannot run all the tests.


Chrome: Tests do not run correctly on Chrome due to various timing issues. Some effort was put forth to fix this, but it's never ending swamp.

Running test suite

To run functional tests:

tox -e functional

Stop on error:

tox -e functional -- -x

Rerun single test:

tox -e functional -- deformdemo.test:CheckedInputWidgetWithMaskTests

To run/edit/fix functional tests:

source .tox/functional/bin/activate
cd deformdefom  # Checked out by tox functional
pserve demo.ini  # Start web server

# Run functional test suite using Chrome
WEBDRIVER="chrome" nosetests -x

# Run functional test suite using Chrome, stop on pdb on exception
WEBDRIVER="chrome" nosetests -x --pdb

# Run one functional test case using Chrome
WEBDRIVER="chrome" nosetests -x deformdemo.test:SequenceOfDateInputs


All features must be documented with code samples in narrative documentation, API documentation, and deformdemo.


Update CHANGES.txt.


Pull requests

Make a pull request on GitHub for deform or deformdemo.