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# This will run Selenium tests against deformdemo
# This script assumes you have checked out deformdemo to folder deformdemo
# If there is no checkout a fresh checkout is is made. This allows you to check out
# particular PR beforehand to test against it.
set -u
set -e
set -x
if [ ! -d deformdemo_functional_tests ] ; then
git clone deformdemo_functional_tests
# Locales are needed form deformdemo tests
# We need to reinstall deform with translations included
pip install -e .
# Let's go for the demo
cd deformdemo_functional_tests
pip install -e .
# Run test server
pserve demo.ini &
# Even if tests crash make sure we quit pserve
trap "kill $SERVER_PID" EXIT
# Run functional test suite against test server
nosetests "$@"
exit 0