FileUploadWidget preview_url + deform.js removeSequenceItem #148

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cbajema commented Feb 15, 2013

Fix for tmpstore implementations who's getter returns a copy of data rather than the data object itself.

Fix for sequence's that have child sequence nodes in deform.js removeSequenceItem.

cbajema added some commits Feb 15, 2013

cbajema * Fixed FileUploadWidget deserialize function so that preview_data is…
… added to tmpstore implementations that return a copy rather than the actual data.

* Updated deform.js, removeSequenceItem function to select the $before_node element more specifically (previous implementation may break when there was a sub sequence)
cbajema * Updated setting of preview_url so that the tmpstore data isn't set …
…twice, rather just the original data object and the tmpstore get object are set.

chrisrossi commented Mar 19, 2013

Can you help illustrate the problem you're solving by adding a test that fails without the patch?

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