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Installing :mod:`hypatia`

How To Install

You will need Python version 2.6 or better to run :mod:`hypatia`. Development of :mod:`hypatia` is done primarily under Python 2.7, so that version is recommended. It does not run under Python 3.X.


To succesfully install :mod:`hypatia`, you will need an environment capable of compiling Python C code. See the documentation about installing, e.g. gcc and python-devel for your system. You will also need :term:`setuptools` installed within your Python system in order to run the easy_install command.

It is advisable to install :mod:`hypatia` into a :term:`virtualenv` in order to obtain isolation from any "system" packages you've got installed in your Python version (and likewise, to prevent :mod:`hypatia` from globally installing versions of packages that are not compatible with your system Python).

After you've got the requisite dependencies installed, you may install :mod:`hypatia` into your Python environment using the following command:

$ easy_install hypatia

What Gets Installed

When you easy_install :mod:`hypatia` and ZODB are installed.