Pylons Framework, community maintained with guidance/assistance from the Pylons Project. Merged with repoze.bfg for Pyramid framework.
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Pylons is a rapid web application development framework.


Pylons has merged with repoze.bfg, and is now in maintenance-only mode. It's highly recommended that new projects start with the new merged web framework, pyramid.


Read the online Installation instructions.

If you want to install from source you can run the following command:

$ python install

This will display a message and download setuptools if the module is not already installed. It will then install Pylons and all its dependencies. You may need root privileges to install setuptools.


To test the source distribution run the following command:

$ python test

This will install additional dependencies needed for the tests. As above, you may need root privileges.


Read the complete Pylons web framework documentation.

Definitive Guide to Pylons is a book about Pylons published by Apress, written by James Gardner, with free HTML rendering.

Generating documentation requires Sphinx:

$ easy_install Sphinx

Then to build the documentation use the commands:

$ cd pylons/docs/<lang>
$ make html