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1 Upgrading your Pylons Project
2 =============================
c5223db [svn] Adding template for upgrade file for those that wish to skip ve…
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a1d0a79 [svn] * Added upgrade instructions, and posted a copy on the wiki. Fi…
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4 Pylons projects should be updated using the paster command create. In addition
5 to creating new projects, paster create when run over an existing project will
6 provide several ways to update the project template to the latest version.
8 Using this tool properly can make upgrading a fairly minor task. For the
9 purpose of this document, the project being upgraded will be called 'demoapp'
10 and all commands will use that name.
12 Running paster create to upgrade
13 --------------------------------
15 You'll first need to cd to the directory *above* your projects main directory.
16 The main directory is the one that contains your, setup.cfg, and
17 development.ini files.
19 .. code:: bash
20 /home/joe/demoapp $ cd ..
21 /home/joe $
23 Then run paster create on the project directory:
25 .. code:: bash
26 /home/joe $ paster create demoapp -t pylons
28 paster will prompt you on how to handle conflicts and updates to the existing
29 project files. The options let you (hit the key in the parens to perform the
30 operation):
32 (d)iff them, and show you the changes between your projects file and the one
33 that has changed in Pylons
34 (b)ackup the file, and copy the new version into its place. The old one will
35 end in .bak
36 (y)es to overwrite the existing file with the new one. *Not recommended* since
37 you will then have no way to see your existing one, unless you have seen
38 the diff first and know there is no changes you're losing.
39 (n)o to overwrite, and just keep your existing file. Also safe if you know
40 that nothing has changed.
42 It's recommended when upgrading your project that you always look at the diff
43 first to see whats changed. Then either overwrite your existing one if you are
44 not going to lose changes you want, or backup yours and write the new one in.
45 You can then manually compare and add your changes back in.
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