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9c3ac59 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.6 for changeset b7002f68d541
bbangert authored
1 b7002f68d541940f32fa5d5fecb83483008fd489 v0.9.6
54ef284 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.5 for changeset 88112f696d4a
bbangert authored
2 88112f696d4aba81405753713ca06070a92ebcf9 v0.9.5
b518e68 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.4.1 for changeset 1bc21f0b2820
bbangert authored
3 1bc21f0b2820a39801278b322aab939da893ed4d v0.9.4.1
7771eed @bbangert Added tag v0.9.4 for changeset a8e89fafa6d8
bbangert authored
4 a8e89fafa6d836c5ec9de712db4afd68acd02b30 v0.9.4
b9bad4d @bbangert Added tag v0.9.3 for changeset 896da05e4c26
bbangert authored
5 896da05e4c2679f39756194d65c3e87eb92bc2f1 v0.9.3
957115e @bbangert Added tag v0.9.2 for changeset a71e37726e29
bbangert authored
6 a71e37726e2909c358a6fb699f26a314643d1c89 v0.9.2
755aeb1 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.1 for changeset 37614170faa9
bbangert authored
7 37614170faa944723382bf885023085bc3ece616 v0.9.1
9b0248f @bbangert Added tag v0.9 for changeset f650ccf09978
bbangert authored
8 f650ccf099785af6be11d3e91f66e4dc5178dc1b v0.9
ebf634b @bbangert Added tag v0.8.2 for changeset 0da35cd7624a
bbangert authored
9 0da35cd7624a67c43948c00f60b35eb9202e2b8d v0.8.2
7c1f26f @bbangert Added tag v0.8.1 for changeset 0fa5a7b12de0
bbangert authored
10 0fa5a7b12de0795c95a425e89d802f09e8e709ab v0.8.1
41e5c79 @bbangert Added tag v0.8 for changeset 1880858f1fb3
bbangert authored
11 1880858f1fb30fbf4b1717ac49d172712dfc5b9d v0.8
fb8c853 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.6rc2 for changeset 9e6916dca073
bbangert authored
12 9e6916dca073e83deb25ed401a928e834bc0d262 v0.9.6rc2
d51decf @bbangert Added tag v0.9.6rc1 for changeset f2b68bd9f177
bbangert authored
13 f2b68bd9f177d08f8caf7e5d33629190d097fbc0 v0.9.6rc1
9494698 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.6rc3 for changeset f04d465aa108
bbangert authored
14 f04d465aa10861b96c1050a4c6347c4aa12247c1 v0.9.6rc3
10daeb5 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7beta1 for changeset a7749485525a
bbangert authored
15 a7749485525a8aade8dbe089abae9a539af24682 v0.9.7beta1
4d82666 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7beta1 for changeset 46c5edc17b64
bbangert authored
16 46c5edc17b643e07158dc4c6b5e14a7d839fe066 v0.9.7beta1
50c92d0 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7beta2 for changeset 9cb761f0f047
bbangert authored
17 9cb761f0f0476dad15b370765919ae96a968fea4 v0.9.7beta2
505d0e7 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7beta3 for changeset 3819db8d2307
bbangert authored
18 3819db8d2307f8f5725b2a27c6a34e8f5738d687 v0.9.7beta3
de72ec3 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7beta5 for changeset e546c53613c2
bbangert authored
19 e546c53613c2c0647ab94ee0d376a5bc8e28dcb4 v0.9.7beta5
0e10d9b @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7rc1 for changeset ca3cbefec25e
bbangert authored
20 ca3cbefec25e0e9ec7b579123cf97ed98934ccd8 v0.9.7rc1
26ebce2 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7rc2 for changeset a6f56791a83a
bbangert authored
21 a6f56791a83a53db7a7484fb8bd8821ffba740c4 v0.9.7rc2
dc63701 @bbangert Added tag v0.9.7rc3 for changeset 7ceef102aff2
bbangert authored
22 7ceef102aff2cce44634132d21638358b4129197 v0.9.7rc3
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