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"""Standard Controllers intended for sub-classing by web developers"""
import types
import inspect
import xmlrpclib
from paste.deploy.config import CONFIG
from paste.deploy.converters import asbool
import pylons
class Controller(object):
"""Standard Pylons Controller for Web Requests
The Pylons Controller handles incoming web requests that are dispatched
from the custom Myghty Routes resolver. These requests result in a new
instance of the Controller being created, which is then called with the
dict options from the Routes match.
By default, the Controller will search and attempt to call a ``__before__``
method before calling the action, and will try to call a ``__after__``
method after the action was called. These two methods can act as filters
controlling access to the action, setup variables/objects for use with a
set of actions, etc.
Each action to be called is inspected with ``_inspect_call`` so that it is
only passed the arguments in the Routes match dict that it asks for. The only
exception to the dict is that the Myghty ``ARGS`` variable is included.
In the event that an action is not found to handle the request, the Controller
will raise an "Action Not Found" error if in debug mode, otherwise a ``404 Not Found``
error will be returned.
__pudge_all__ = ['_inspect_call', '__call__', '_attach_locals']
def _attach_locals(self):
"""Attach Pylons special objects to the controller
When debugging, the Pylons special objects are unavailable because they
are thread locals. This function pulls the actual object and attaches it
to the controller so that it can be examined for debugging purposes.
self.request = pylons.request.current_obj()
self.session = pylons.session.current_obj()
#self.buffet = pylons.buffet.current_obj()
self.c = pylons.c.current_obj()
def _inspect_call(self, func, **kargs):
"""Calls a function with the Routes dict
Given a function, inspect_call will inspect the function args and call
it with no further keyword args than it asked for.
If the function has been decorated, it is assumed that the decorator
preserved the function signature.
argspec = inspect.getargspec(func)
kargs = self._req.environ['pylons.routes_dict'].copy()
# @@ LEGACY: Add in ARGS alias to params
kargs['ARGS'] = self._req.params
c = pylons.c.current_obj()
if argspec[2]:
for k,v in kargs.iteritems(): setattr(c, k, v)
return func(**kargs)
argnames = argspec[0][1:]
args = []
for name in argnames:
if kargs.has_key(name):
setattr(c, name, kargs[name])
return func(*args)
def _dispatch_call(self):
"""Handles dispatching the request to the function"""
action = self._req.environ['pylons.routes_dict'].get('action')
action_method = action.replace('-', '_')
func = getattr(self, action_method, None)
if isinstance(func, types.MethodType):
response = self._inspect_call(func)
if asbool(CONFIG['global_conf'].get('debug')):
raise NotImplementedError('Action %s is not implemented' % action)
response = pylons.Response(code=404)
return response
def __call__(self, *args, **kargs):
"""Makes our controller a callable to handle requests
This is called when dispatched to as the Controller class docs explain
more fully.
self._req = pylons.request.current_obj()
# Keep private methods private
if self._req.environ['pylons.routes_dict'].get('action').startswith('_'):
return pylons.Response(code=404)
if hasattr(self, '__before__'):
self._inspect_call(self.__before__, **kargs)
response = self._dispatch_call()
if hasattr(self, '__after__'):
return response
class WSGIController(Controller):
"""WSGI Controller that follows WSGI spec for calling and return values
This function works identically to the normal Controller, however it is called
with the WSGI interface, and behaves as a WSGI application calling start_response
and returning an iterable as content.
def __call__(self, environ, start_response):
self.start_response = start_response
match = environ['pylons.routes_dict']
self._req = pylons.request.current_obj()
# Keep private methods private
if match.get('action').startswith('_'):
return pylons.Response(code=404)
if hasattr(self, '__before__'):
response = self._dispatch_call()
if hasattr(self, '__after__'):
if hasattr(response, 'wsgi_response'):
# Pull the content we need for a WSGI response
status, response_headers, content = response.wsgi_response()
start_response(status, response_headers)
# Copy the response object into the testing vars if we're testing
if environ.get('paste.testing'):
environ['paste.testing_variables']['response'] = response
response = content
return response
class RPCController(Controller):
resource = 'RPC2'
def __call__(self, action, **kargs):
self._req = pylons.request.current_obj()
action = self._req.environ['pylons.routes_dict'].get('action')
action_method = action.replace('-', '_')
if action_method != RPCController.resource:
if asbool(CONFIG['global_conf'].get('debug')):
raise NotImplementedError('RPCController only supports %s action',
return pylons.Response(code=404)
d = self._req.environ['wsgi.input'].read()
params, method = xmlrpclib.loads(d)
if hasattr(self, '__before__'):
self.__before__(method, **params)
if isinstance(getattr(self, method, None), types.MethodType):
res = 3#supposed to return xmlrpc fault thing
response = pylons.Response(xmlrpclib.dumps((res,)))
if hasattr(self, '__after__'):
self.__after__(pylons, method, **params)
return response
__all__ = ['Controller', 'WSGIController', 'RPCController']
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