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Installing Pylons
First, please note that Python 2.3 users on Windows will need to install `subprocess.exe <>`_ before beginning the installation. All windows users also should read the section `Post install tweaks for Windows </docs/0.9/windowsnotes.html>`_ after installation.
System-wide Install
To install Pylons so it can be used by everyone (you'll need root access).
If you already have easy install:
easy_install Pylons
#. Download the easy install setup file from
#. Run ``python Pylons``
If want a Pylons install capable of building documentation for you, you can use the ``[full]`` part in the command: ``easy_install Pylons[full]``, but please be aware that some of the documentation tools are under development any may not be stable.
Custom Install Location
If you'd like to use a `custom installation location <>`_, follow the steps there, then install Pylons as shown above. Reading the `Easy Install documentation <>`_ can be useful to determine if you'd prefer system-wide
installation or not.
To upgrade to the latest version of Pylons run::
easy_install -U Pylons
Living on the Cutting Edge
Not satisfied with the latest release? Want to be on the cutting edge or work with Pylons source code?
Feel free to `get involved </project/>`_ with Pylons and work with the `latest development version </docs/0.9/pylonsdev.html>`_.
Packaging Note
The versions of Cheetah, docutils, elementtree, nose and just about everything else used by Pylons have been slightly modified by James Gardner so that they support setuptools and Python 2.3 and can automatically be installed by easy_install. Some of these packages have installation instructions which might require manual tweaking. If you plan to use the packages outside Pylons you may prefer to install them manually yourself to be 100% confident that they are setup correctly although the Pylons team haven't spotted any problems yet and they appear to work perfectly.
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