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FormEncode is a validation and form generation package. The validation can be used separately from the form generation. The validation works on compound data structures, with all parts being nestable. It is separate from HTTP or any other input mechanism.

These module API docs are divided into section by category.

Core API


These functions are used mostly internally by FormEncode.

.. automodule:: formencode.api

.. function:: is_validator(obj)

    Returns whether ``obj`` is a validator object or not.

.. autoclass:: Invalid

    .. automethod:: __init__

.. autoclass:: Validator

.. autoclass:: FancyValidator


The FormEncode schema is one of the most important parts of using FormEncode, as it lets you organize validators into parts that can be re-used between schemas. Generally, a single schema will represent an entire form, but may inherit other schemas for re-usable validation parts (ie, maybe multiple forms all requires first and last name).

.. module:: formencode.schema

.. autoclass:: Schema
.. autoclass:: SimpleFormValidator


.. automodule:: formencode.validators

.. autoclass:: Bool
.. autoclass:: CIDR
.. autoclass:: CreditCardValidator
.. autoclass:: CreditCardExpires
.. autoclass:: CreditCardSecurityCode
.. autoclass:: DateConverter
.. autoclass:: DateValidator
.. autoclass:: DictConverter
.. autoclass:: Email
.. autoclass:: Empty
.. autoclass:: FieldsMatch
.. autoclass:: FieldStorageUploadConverter
.. autoclass:: FileUploadKeeper
.. autoclass:: FormValidator
.. autoclass:: IndexListConverter
.. autoclass:: Int
.. autoclass:: IPhoneNumberValidator
.. autoclass:: MACAddress
.. autoclass:: MaxLength
.. autoclass:: MinLength
.. autoclass:: Number
.. autoclass:: NotEmpty
.. autoclass:: OneOf
.. autoclass:: PhoneNumber
.. autoclass:: PlainText
.. autoclass:: PostalCode
.. autoclass:: Regex
.. autoclass:: RequireIfMissing
.. autoclass:: Set
.. autoclass:: SignedString
.. autoclass:: StateProvince
.. autoclass:: String
.. autoclass:: StringBool
.. autoclass:: StripField
.. autoclass:: TimeConverter
.. autoclass:: UnicodeString
.. autoclass:: URL

Wrapper Validators

.. autoclass:: ConfirmType
.. autoclass:: Wrapper
.. autoclass:: Constant

Validator Modifiers


.. automodule:: formencode.compound

.. autoclass:: Any

.. autoclass:: All


.. automodule:: formencode.foreach

.. autoclass:: ForEach

HTML Parsing and Form Filling


.. automodule:: formencode.htmlfill

.. autofunction:: render
.. autofunction:: default_formatter
.. autofunction:: none_formatter
.. autofunction:: escape_formatter
.. autofunction:: escapenl_formatter
.. autoclass:: FillingParser