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Pylons is a rapid web application development framework.
Full documentation is available online at
Installation instructions are at
If you want to install from source you can run the following command:
.. code-block :: bash
$ python install
This will display a message and download setuptools if the module is not
already installed. It will then install Pylons and all its dependencies. You
may need root privileges to install setuptools.
To test the source distribution run the following command:
you will need to install Pylons as well some
additional tools.
.. code-block :: bash
$ python test
This will install additional dependencies needed for the tests. As above, you
may need root privileges.
Generating documentation requires Sphinx:
.. code-block :: bash
$ easy_install Sphinx
Then to build the documentation use the commands:
.. code-block :: bash
$ cd pylons/docs/<lang>
$ make html
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