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Fix newly broken test as the langs now apparently works slightly diff…


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1 parent 82c34b1 commit 0789e367113f75c41170ba2fbf8250a0390e633f @bbangert bbangert committed Oct 11, 2010
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  1. +1 −1 tests/test_units/
2 tests/test_units/
@@ -151,4 +151,4 @@ def test_no_lang(self):
def test_langs(self):
response ='i18nc', action='langs'), headers={
'Accept-Language':'fr;q=0.6, en;q=0.1, ja;q=0.3'})
- assert "['fr', 'ja', 'en', 'en-us']" in response
+ assert "['fr', 'ja', 'en-us']" in response

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