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[svn] removed the last couple lingering uses of the now dead render_f…


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1 parent 83eac7b commit 29ad9c8f828116107bee78101d080efee99d7253 pjenvey committed Jul 26, 2006
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@@ -32,10 +32,10 @@ def subexec(self, *args, **kargs):
pylons.helpers.response.write(tmpl.render(*args, **kargs))
def comp(self, *args, **kargs):
- pylons.helpers.response.write(tmpl.render_fragment(*args, **kargs))
+ pylons.helpers.response.write(tmpl.render(fragment=True, *args, **kargs))
def scomp(self, *args, **kargs):
- return tmpl.render_fragment(*args, **kargs)
+ return tmpl.render(fragment=True, *args, **kargs)
def fetch_component(self, name):
return name

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