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Made session retrieval check environ better.

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commit 51d211bd42e8b55a3ce0dabf6588328c3e93a57a 1 parent 209dd9a
@bbangert bbangert authored
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4 pylons/
@@ -220,7 +220,9 @@ def pylons_globals():
# If the session was overriden to be None, don't populate the session
# var
- if pylons.config['pylons.environ_config'].get('session', True):
+ econf = pylons.config['pylons.environ_config']
+ if 'beaker.session' in pylons.request.environ or \
+ ('session' in econf and econf['session'] in pylons.request.environ):
pylons_vars['session'] = pylons.session._current_obj()
log.debug("Created render namespace with pylons vars: %s", pylons_vars)
return pylons_vars
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