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…xes #230.

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@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ Pylons Changelog
0.9.6 (**svn**)
+* Added upgrade instructions, and posted a copy on the wiki. Fixes #230.
* Added deprecation warnings for usage of the Pylons Controller class, all
controllers should inherit from WSGIController instead. Fixes #239.
* Removed deprecated attach_locals function from Controller class.
@@ -1,4 +1,45 @@
-Upgrade steps required between various versions of Pylons, ordered from oldest
-to most recent version. If you are skipping an upgrade step, ensure that you
-have updated your projects appropriately to avoid any problems.
+Upgrading your Pylons Project
+Pylons projects should be updated using the paster command create. In addition
+to creating new projects, paster create when run over an existing project will
+provide several ways to update the project template to the latest version.
+Using this tool properly can make upgrading a fairly minor task. For the
+purpose of this document, the project being upgraded will be called 'demoapp'
+and all commands will use that name.
+Running paster create to upgrade
+You'll first need to cd to the directory *above* your projects main directory.
+The main directory is the one that contains your, setup.cfg, and
+development.ini files.
+.. code:: bash
+ /home/joe/demoapp $ cd ..
+ /home/joe $
+Then run paster create on the project directory:
+.. code:: bash
+ /home/joe $ paster create demoapp -t pylons
+paster will prompt you on how to handle conflicts and updates to the existing
+project files. The options let you (hit the key in the parens to perform the
+(d)iff them, and show you the changes between your projects file and the one
+ that has changed in Pylons
+(b)ackup the file, and copy the new version into its place. The old one will
+ end in .bak
+(y)es to overwrite the existing file with the new one. *Not recommended* since
+ you will then have no way to see your existing one, unless you have seen
+ the diff first and know there is no changes you're losing.
+(n)o to overwrite, and just keep your existing file. Also safe if you know
+ that nothing has changed.
+It's recommended when upgrading your project that you always look at the diff
+first to see whats changed. Then either overwrite your existing one if you are
+not going to lose changes you want, or backup yours and write the new one in.
+You can then manually compare and add your changes back in.

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