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@@ -16,19 +16,12 @@ Pylons will provide several additional attributes for the ``paste.fixture`` resp
Session object
Request object
- Myghty object
- List of component calls, including any ``scomp``, ``comp``, and ``subexec`` thats executed during the request. Each item of the list is a dict with the keys:
- ``comp_type``
- The type of component call, i.e. ``scomp``, ``comp``, or ``subexec``
- ``template``
- Template name that was called, i.e. ``/some/template.myt``
- ``params``
- Dict of keyword args that the component was called with
+ Object containing variables passed to templates
+ Globals object
To use them, merely access the attributes of the response *after* you've used a get/post command::

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