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pylons-vs-pyramid decision criteria outline (a doc request) #2

brianthelion opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I, like many others, find myself in a difficult position. I have invested significant time in learning pylons, have used it to build applications that will require continued support, and must now consider moving (at least my wetware) to pyramid or risk being left behind in coming years. I'm happy with pylons, and you when you tell me that pyramid is the future I believe you. Still, learning pyramid will require a new investment, one that I need to be able to justify to myself and my employers.

I know it's early, but even after spending quite a bit of time with the docs I am unable to formulate a technical argument for migration. What would be VERY helpful is a clear, concise (!!!) outline of the decision criteria, both technical and otherwise. Ideally, these criteria would be distilled to their purest essence and exhibited in the kind bullets-n'-tables format that middle managers are so damn fond of.

Note that I AM NOT asking for a response to the following: "I want to migrate my code to pyramid. When should I start?" Migration, even in the wetware, is not a foregone conclusion for my employers. Rather, I AM asking: "Why should I want to drop pylons in favor of pyramid? What does pyramid buy me? Under what conditions (application types, target capabilities) should I choose one over the other?" Most importantly, though, I'm asking for all of this in the most idiot-friendly format that you can muster.

Cheers! And great work on everything.

PS - This is a repost (my bad) of


Doesn't the Pyramid design defence mean this can be closed?


It doesn't tell you why you should move to pyramid but yes it explains the benefits. I do think we can close this issue but would like @mcdonc input on this before.

@mcdonc mcdonc closed this
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