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Restructured Pyramid's doc page for beginners #13

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Added a getting started section and created a simpler install page. Removed confusing link to tutorials. Also added the "when will you port to Python 3" question to the FAQ.

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Commits on Mar 15, 2011
  1. reorganization of the start with Pyramid pages to make them easier fo…

    Carlos de la Guardia authored
    …r beginners to understand
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+Installing Pyramid
+This is a quick guide to getting Pyramid set up, it should be good enough
+for most use cases. If you run into some problem and need more detailed help
+or if you are using a different platform, please consult our
+`detailed installation guide
+Before You Install
+You will need Python version 2.4 or better to
+run Pyramid. Pyramid doesn't run on Python 3 yet, but we're working
+on it. `Get Python now <>`_.
+Pyramid is known to run on all popular Unix-like systems such as
+Linux, MacOS X, and FreeBSD as well as on Windows platforms. It is also
+known to run on Google's App Engine and :term:`Jython`.
+It is best practice to install Pyramid into a "virtual"
+Python environment in order to obtain isolation from any "system"
+packages you've got installed in your Python version. This can be
+done by using the :term:`virtualenv` package. Using a virtualenv will
+also prevent Pyramid from globally installing versions of
+packages that are not compatible with your system Python.
+To install virtualenv you will need setuptools. Once you've got
+setuptools installed, you should install the :term:`virtualenv` package
+using the ``easy_install`` command.
+.. code-block:: text
+ $ easy_install virtualenv
+Installing Pyramid Into the Virtual Python Environment
+After you've got your ``env`` virtualenv installed, you may install
+Pyramid itself using the following commands from within the
+virtualenv (``env``) directory:
+.. code-block:: text
+ $ bin/easy_install pyramid
+This command will take longer than the previous ones to complete, as it
+downloads and installs a number of dependencies.
+What Gets Installed
+When you ``easy_install`` Pyramid, various Zope libraries,
+various Chameleon libraries, WebOb, Paste, PasteScript, and
+PasteDeploy libraries are installed.
+Additionally, as chronicled in :ref:`project_narr`, PasteScript (aka
+*paster*) templates will be registered that make it easy to start a
+new Pyramid project.
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