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1 Pylons Project Contributor Agreement
2 ====================================
4 The submitter agrees by adding his or her name within the section below named
5 "Contributors" and submitting the resulting modified document to the
6 canonical shared repository location for this software project (whether
7 directly, as a user with "direct commit access", or via a "pull request"), he
8 or she is signing a contract electronically. The submitter becomes a
9 Contributor after a) he or she signs this document by adding their name
10 beneath the "Contributors" section below, and b) the resulting document is
11 accepted into the canonical version control repository.
13 Treatment of Account
14 ---------------------
16 Contributor will not allow anyone other than the Contributor to use his or
17 her username or source repository login to submit code to a Pylons Project
18 source repository. Should Contributor become aware of any such use,
19 Contributor will immediately by notifying Agendaless Consulting.
20 Notification must be performed by sending an email to
21 Until such notice is received, Contributor will be
22 presumed to have taken all actions made through Contributor's account. If the
23 Contributor has direct commit access, Agendaless Consulting will have
24 complete control and discretion over capabilities assigned to Contributor's
25 account, and may disable Contributor's account for any reason at any time.
27 Legal Effect of Contribution
28 ----------------------------
30 Upon submitting a change or new work to a Pylons Project source Repository (a
31 "Contribution"), you agree to assign, and hereby do assign, a one-half
32 interest of all right, title and interest in and to copyright and other
33 intellectual property rights with respect to your new and original portions
34 of the Contribution to Agendaless Consulting. You and Agendaless Consulting
35 each agree that the other shall be free to exercise any and all exclusive
36 rights in and to the Contribution, without accounting to one another,
37 including without limitation, the right to license the Contribution to others
38 under the Repoze Public License. This agreement shall run with title to the
39 Contribution. Agendaless Consulting does not convey to you any right, title
40 or interest in or to the Program or such portions of the Contribution that
41 were taken from the Program. Your transmission of a submission to the Pylons
42 Project source Repository and marks of identification concerning the
43 Contribution itself constitute your intent to contribute and your assignment
44 of the work in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
46 License Terms
47 -------------
49 Code committed to the Pylons Project source repository (Committed Code) must
50 be governed by the Repoze Public License (, aka
51 "the RPL") or another license acceptable to Agendaless Consulting. Until
52 Agendaless Consulting declares in writing an acceptable license other than
53 the RPL, only the RPL shall be used. A list of exceptions is detailed within
54 the "Licensing Exceptions" section of this document, if one exists.
56 Representations, Warranty, and Indemnification
57 ----------------------------------------------
59 Contributor represents and warrants that the Committed Code does not violate
60 the rights of any person or entity, and that the Contributor has legal
61 authority to enter into this Agreement and legal authority over Contributed
62 Code. Further, Contributor indemnifies Agendaless Consulting against
63 violations.
65 Cryptography
66 ------------
68 Contributor understands that cryptographic code may be subject to government
69 regulations with which Agendaless Consulting and/or entities using Committed
70 Code must comply. Any code which contains any of the items listed below must
71 not be checked-in until Agendaless Consulting staff has been notified and has
72 approved such contribution in writing.
74 - Cryptographic capabilities or features
76 - Calls to cryptographic features
78 - User interface elements which provide context relating to cryptography
80 - Code which may, under casual inspection, appear to be cryptographic.
82 Notices
83 -------
85 Contributor confirms that any notices required will be included in any
86 Committed Code.
88 Licensing Exceptions
89 ====================
91 Code committed within the ``docs/`` subdirectory of the Pyramid source
92 control repository and "docstrings" which appear in the documentation
93 generated by runnning "make" within this directory is licensed under the
94 Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
95 License (
97 List of Contributors
98 ====================
100 The below-signed are contributors to a code repository that is part of the
101 project named "pylonshq". Each below-signed contributor has read, understand
102 and agrees to the terms above in the section within this document entitled
103 "Pylons Project Contributor Agreement" as of the date beside his or her name.
105 Contributors
106 ------------
108 - Blaise Laflamme, 2010/11/09
110 - Ben Bangert, 2010/11/09
112 - Marcin Lulek, 2011/01/19
114 - Casey Duncan, 2011/04/18
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mikeorr authored Feb 13, 2012
116 - Mike Orr, 2012/02/13
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