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The Pylons Project Documentation

The Pylons Project maintains the pyramid web framework as well as additional packages intended for use with pyramid. This is the home for the documentation for all of these projects.

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Mailing List and Online

Development questions related to Pylons projects can be discussed on the pylons-dev mail list.

On IRC, Pylons developers are generally available on the #pylons channel on the Freenode IRC Network.


Try to spend some time solving a problem yourself before asking others for help. While it can be tempting to jump straight to IRC to ask for help, many problems can be solved by yourself. Giving it a shot first on your own, will be less imposing on others you ask for help.


The Pylons Project welcomes contributors, to encourage a strong and vibrant community please read the following documentation about how the Pylons Project functions, coding styles expected for contributions, and the community standards we expect everyone to abide by.


For Pylons users coming from Pylons 1, the change to a new core package might raise some questions regarding how to proceed, what it means for existing Pylons application, and more.


Don't worry, none of these are actually true. We swear!

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