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Pyramid is a small, fast, down-to-earth, open source Python web framework. It makes real-world web application development and deployment more fun, more predictable, and more productive. Try Pyramid, browse its add-ons and documentation, and get an overview.

from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
from pyramid.config import Configurator
from pyramid.response import Response

def hello_world(request):
    return Response('Hello World!')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    with Configurator() as config:
        config.add_route('hello', '/')
        config.add_view(hello_world, route_name='hello')
        app = config.make_wsgi_app()
    server = make_server('', 6543, app)

Pyramid is a project of the Pylons Project.

Support and Documentation

See Pyramid Support and Development for documentation, reporting bugs, and getting support.

Developing and Contributing

See HACKING.txt and for guidelines on running tests, adding features, coding style, and updating documentation when developing in or contributing to Pyramid.


Pyramid is offered under the BSD-derived Repoze Public License.


Pyramid is made available by Agendaless Consulting and a team of contributors.