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Pyramid TODOs
Must-Have (before 1.0)
- Fix conflict info case for ``scan``.
- Narrative docs for ``Configurator.include`` and ``Configurator.commit``.
- Fix session behavior: when a Forbidden/NotFound hander is invoked, we'd
like to allow people to save the session (currently when the response has
an exception attribute, the session is tossed unconditionally).
- Provide a .flash API on session object.
- Use ``@register_view`` instead of ``@view_config`` and change view docs to
use "view registration" instead of "view configuration".
- Change references to "model" to references to "resource" in all docs (and
alias model_url to resource_url, etc).
- Add docs for httpexceptions module for each webob.exc class that inherits
from WSGIHTTPException.
- Remove "BFG" from Pyramid-specific environ variables.
- translationdir ZCML directive use of ``path_spec`` should maybe die.
- Add CRSF token creation/checking machinery (only "should have" vs. "must
have" because I'm not sure it belongs in Pyramid.. it definitely must exist
in formgen libraries, and *might* belong in Pyramid).
- Change "Cleaning up After a Request" in the urldispatch chapter to
use ``request.add_response_callback``.
- Try to make test suite pass on IronPython.
- Non-bwcompat use of threadlocals that need to be documented or ameliorated:
resource.OverrideProvider._get_overrides: can't credibly be removed,
because it stores an overrideprovider as a module-scope global.
traversal.traverse: this API is a stepchild, and needs to be changed.
Configurator.add_translation_dirs: not passed any context but a message,
can't credibly be removed.
- Supply ``X-Vhm-Host`` support.
- Basic WSGI documentation (pipeline / app / server).
- Fix message catalog extraction / compilation documentation.
- Change docs about creating a venusian decorator to not use ZCA.
- ``decorator=`` parameter to view_config. This would replace the existing
_map_view "decorator" if it existed.
- Try to better explain the relationship between a renderer and a
template in the templates chapter and elsewhere. Scan the
documentation for reference to a renderer as *only* view
configuration (it's a larger concept now).
- Create a ``render_view`` that works by using config.derive_view
against an existing view instead of querying the registry.
- Create a function which performs a recursive request.
- Debug option to print route matching decision.
- Debug option to print view matching decision.
- Script or paster command that prints, for a given URL, the views
that might match. Underneath each potentially matching route, list
the predicates required. Underneath each route+predicate set, print
each view that might match and its predicates. E.g. with the input
URL ``/foo``::
'/foo' (foo_xhr)
xhr = True
(no view predicates)
'/{action}' (action_route)
request_method = 'POST'
action = '^foo$'
request_method = 'GET'
action = '^foo$'
- Provide a response_cookies attribute on the request for rendered
responses that can be used as input to response.set_cookie.
- Raise an exception when a value in response_headerlist is not a
string or decide to encode.
- Update App engine chapter with less creaky directions.
- Add functionality that mocks the behavior of ``repoze.browserid``.
- One way to split up views chapter: views with renderers / views without
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