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Distributing Your Application

Once your application works properly, you can create a "tarball" from it by using the sdist command. The following commands assume your current working directory is the tutorial package we've created and that the parent directory of the tutorial package is a virtualenv representing a :app:`Pyramid` environment.


$ ../bin/python sdist

On Windows:

c:\bigfntut> ..\Scripts\python sdist


If your project files are not checked in to a version control repository (such as Subversion), the dist tarball will not contain all the files it needs to. In particular, it will not contain non-Python-source files (such as templates and static files). To ensure that these are included, check your files into a version control repository before running sdist.

The output of such a command will be something like:

running sdist
# ... more output ...
creating dist
tar -cf dist/tutorial-0.1.tar tutorial-0.1
gzip -f9 dist/tutorial-0.1.tar
removing 'tutorial-0.1' (and everything under it)

Note that this command creates a tarball in the "dist" subdirectory named tutorial-0.1.tar.gz. You can send this file to your friends to show them your cool new application. They should be able to install it by pointing the easy_install command directly at it. Or you can upload it to PyPI and share it with the rest of the world, where it can be downloaded via easy_install remotely like any other package people download from PyPI.

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