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The Pyramid Web Application Development Framework

:app:`Pyramid` is a small, fast, down-to-earth Python web application development framework. It is developed as part of the Pylons Project. It is licensed under a BSD-like license.

Here is one of the simplest :app:`Pyramid` applications you can make:

When saved to, the above application can be run via:

$ easy_install pyramid
$ python
serving on view at

And when you visit http://localhost:8080/hello/world in a browser, you will see the text Hello, world!.

See :ref:`firstapp_chapter` for a full explanation of how this application works. Read the :ref:`html_narrative_documentation` to understand how :app:`Pyramid` is designed to scale from simple applications like this to very large web applications.

Front Matter

"What's New" Documents

Narrative documentation

Narrative documentation in chapter form explaining how to use :app:`Pyramid`.


Detailed tutorials explaining how to use :app:`Pyramid` to build various types of applications and how to deploy :app:`Pyramid` applications to various platforms.

Reference Material

Reference material includes documentation for every :app:`Pyramid` API.

Detailed Change History

Design Documentation

Sample Applications

cluegun is a simple pastebin application based on Rocky Burt's ClueBin. It demonstrates form processing, security, and the use of :term:`ZODB` within a :app:`Pyramid` application. Check this application out via:

git clone git://

virginia is a very simple dynamic file rendering application. It is willing to render structured text documents, HTML documents, and images from a filesystem directory. An earlier version of this application runs the website. Check this application out via:

git clone git://

shootout is an example "idea competition" application by Carlos de la Guardia and Lukasz Fidosz. It demonstrates :term:`URL dispatch`, simple authentication, integration with SQLAlchemy and pyramid_simpleform. Check this application out of version control via:

git clone git://

Older Sample Applications (repoze.bfg)


These applications are for an older version of :app:`Pyramid`, which was named :mod:`repoze.bfg`. They won't work unmodified under Pyramid, but might provide useful clues.

bfgsite is the software which runs the website. It demonstrates integration with Trac, and includes several mini-applications such as a pastebin and tutorial engine. Check a buildout for this application out of Subversion via:

svn co bfgsite_buildout

KARL is a moderately-sized application (roughly 70K lines of Python code) built on top of :mod:`repoze.bfg` and other Repoze software. It is an open source web system for collaboration, organizational intranets, and knowledge management, It provides facilities for wikis, calendars, manuals, searching, tagging, commenting, and file uploads. See the KARL site for download and installation details.

Support and Development

The Pylons Project web site is the main online source of :app:`Pyramid` support and development information.

To report bugs, use the issue tracker.

If you've got questions that aren't answered by this documentation, contact the Pylons-devel maillist or join the #pyramid IRC channel.

Browse and check out tagged and trunk versions of :app:`Pyramid` via the Pyramid GitHub repository. To check out the trunk via git, use this command:

git clone

To find out how to become a contributor to :app:`Pyramid`, please see the contributor's section of the documentation.

Index and Glossary

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