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:mod:`repoze.bfg` TODOs
- Supply ``X-Vhm-Host`` support.
- Basic WSGI documentation (pipeline / app / server).
- Fix message catalog extraction / compilation documentation.
- Change docs about creating a venusian decorator to not use ZCA.
- ``decorator=`` parameter to bfg_view.
- Try to better explain the relationship between a renderer and a
template in the templates chapter and elsewhere. Scan the
documentation for reference to a renderer as *only* view
configuration (it's a larger concept now).
- Create a ``render_view`` that works by using config.derive_view
against an existing view instead of querying the registry.
- Create a function which performs a recursive request.
- Debug option to print route matching decision.
- Debug option to print view matching decision.
- Script or paster command that prints, for a given URL, the views
that might match. Underneath each potentially matching route, list
the predicates required. Underneath each route+predicate set, print
each view that might match and its predicates. E.g. with the input
URL ``/foo``::
'/foo' (foo_xhr)
xhr = True
(no view predicates)
'/{action}' (action_route)
request_method = 'POST'
action = '^foo$'
request_method = 'GET'
action = '^foo$'
- Ability to use configurator as a context manager.
- Switch tutorials and templates to non-ZCML.
- Provide a response_cookies attribute on the request for rendered
responses that can be used as input to response.set_cookie.
- Raise an exception when a value in response_headerlist is not a
string or decide to encode.
- Change docs so that we dont use INewReponse, but instead just
NewResponse (likewise for INewRequest, etc).
- Change "Cleaning up After a Request" in the urldispatch chapter to
use ``request.add_response_callback``.
- Update App engine chapter.
- Browser id?
- .flash API on session.
- Provide a webob.Response class facade for forward compat.
- CRSF token machinery
- ``add_handler`` documentation.
- ``handler`` ZCML directive.
- ``repoze.bfg.message`` alias.
- Try to get rid of Mako Beaker dependency.
- Maybe make renderer globals lookup send an event?
- ``docs`` directory for each paster template.
- bfg.routes.matchdict and bfg.routes.route
- repoze.bfg.auth_tkt
- bfg_locale_name
- bfg_localizer
- "BFG" in environ variables.
- (route_url)
- renderer: make bfg_view and zcml view directive pass a dictionary as
``renderer``; pass a dictionary to each renderer instead of a string.
- Test on GAE, Jython, PyPy, IronPython.
- Remove references to 'WebOb' Response and just call it 'Response', and note
that it is imported from pyramid. API docs can mention its inheritance from
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