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Next release

Bug Fixes

- Forward port from 1.3 branch: When no authentication policy was configured,
  a call to ```` would unconditionally
  return the empty list. This was incorrect, it should have unconditionally
  returned ``[Everyone]``, and now does.


- Custom objects can be made easily JSON-serializable in Pyramid by defining
  a ``__json__`` method on the object's class. This method should return
  values natively serializable by ``json.dumps`` (such as ints, lists,
  dictionaries, strings, and so forth).

- As of this release, the ``request_method`` predicate, when used, will also
  imply that ``HEAD`` is implied when you use ``GET``. For example, using
  ``@view_config(request_method='GET')`` is equivalent to using
  ``@view_config(request_method='HEAD')``. Using
  ``@view_config(request_method=('GET', 'POST')`` is equivalent to using
  ``@view_config(request_method=('GET', 'HEAD', 'POST')``. This is because
  HEAD is a variant of GET that omits the body, and WebOb has special support
  to return an empty body when a HEAD is used.

- ``config.set_request_property`` now causes less code to be executed at
  request construction time.
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