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from pyramid.compat import string_types
truthy = frozenset(('t', 'true', 'y', 'yes', 'on', '1'))
def asbool(s):
""" Return the boolean value ``True`` if the case-lowered value of string
input ``s`` is any of ``t``, ``true``, ``y``, ``on``, or ``1``, otherwise
return the boolean value ``False``. If ``s`` is the value ``None``,
return ``False``. If ``s`` is already one of the boolean values ``True``
or ``False``, return it."""
if s is None:
return False
if isinstance(s, bool):
return s
s = str(s).strip()
return s.lower() in truthy
def aslist_cronly(value):
if isinstance(value, string_types):
value = filter(None, [x.strip() for x in value.splitlines()])
return list(value)
def aslist(value, flatten=True):
""" Return a list of strings, separating the input based on newlines
and, if flatten=True (the default), also split on spaces within
each line."""
values = aslist_cronly(value)
if not flatten:
return values
result = []
for value in values:
subvalues = value.split()
return result
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