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Copyright, Trademarks, and Attributions

"The Pyramid Web Framework, Version |version|"

by Chris McDonough

Copyright © 2008-2011, Agendaless Consulting.

ISBN-10: 0615445675

ISBN-13: 978-0615445670

First print publishing: February, 2011

All rights reserved. This material may be copied or distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. You must give the original author credit. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.


While the :app:`Pyramid` documentation is offered under the Creative Commons Attribution-Nonconmmercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, the :app:`Pyramid` software is offered under a less restrictive (BSD-like) license .

All terms mentioned in this book that are known to be trademarks or service marks have been appropriately capitalized. However, use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark.

Every effort has been made to make this book as complete and as accurate as possible, but no warranty or fitness is implied. The information provided is on an "as-is" basis. The author and the publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this book. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein.


Casey Duncan
Ben Bangert, Blaise Laflamme, Rob Miller, Mike Orr, Carlos de la Guardia, Paul Everitt, Tres Seaver, John Shipman, Marius Gedminas, Chris Rossi, Joachim Krebs, Xavier Spriet, Reed O'Brien, William Chambers, Charlie Choiniere, Jamaludin Ahmad, Graham Higgins, Patricio Paez, Michael Merickel, Eric Ongerth, Niall O'Higgins, Christoph Zwerschke, John Anderson, Atsushi Odagiri, Kirk Strauser, JD Navarro, Joe Dallago, Savoir-Faire Linux, Łukasz Fidosz, Christopher Lambacher, Claus Conrad, Chris Beelby, Phil Jenvey and a number of people with only pseudonyms on GitHub.
Cover Designer:
Hugues Laflamme of Kemeneur.

Used with permission:

The :ref:`webob_chapter` chapter is adapted, with permission, from documentation originally written by Ian Bicking.

The :ref:`much_ado_about_traversal_chapter` chapter is adapted, with permission, from an article written by Rob Miller.

The :ref:`logging_chapter` is adapted, with permission, from the Pylons documentation logging chapter, originally written by Phil Jenvey.

Print Production

The print version of this book was produced using the Sphinx documentation generation system and the LaTeX typesetting system.

Contacting The Publisher

Please send documentation licensing inquiries, translation inquiries, and other business communications to Agendaless Consulting. Please send software and other technical queries to the Pylons-devel mailing list.

HTML Version and Source Code

An HTML version of this book is freely available via

The source code for the examples used in this book are available within the :app:`Pyramid` software distribution, always available via