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8 docs/quick_tour.rst
@@ -243,12 +243,10 @@ Pyramid doesn't mandate a particular database system, form library,
etc. It encourages replaceability. This applies equally to templating,
which is fortunate: developers have strong views about template
languages. That said, the Pylons Project officially supports bindings for
-Chameleon, Jinja2 and Mako, so in this step, let's use Chameleon as an
+Chameleon, Jinja2, and Mako, so in this step, let's use Chameleon.
-Let's add ``pyramid_chameleon``,
-a Pyramid :term:`add-on` which enables Chameleon as a :term:`renderer` in
-our Pyramid applications:
+Let's add ``pyramid_chameleon``, a Pyramid :term:`add-on` which enables
+Chameleon as a :term:`renderer` in our Pyramid applications:
.. code-block:: bash
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