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Include recipe for issuing challenge.

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1 parent 9937a4e commit 0678dec16488928f23ea951d2d5ac44ddbc7935f @chrisrossi chrisrossi committed Oct 14, 2012
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@@ -826,7 +826,7 @@ class BasicAuthAuthenticationPolicy(CallbackAuthenticationPolicy):
- Default: ``Realm``. The Basic Auth Realm string. Usually displayed to
+ Default: ``"Realm"``. The Basic Auth Realm string. Usually displayed to
the user by the browser in the login dialog.
@@ -836,6 +836,23 @@ class BasicAuthAuthenticationPolicy(CallbackAuthenticationPolicy):
steps. The output from debugging is useful for reporting to maillist
or IRC channels when asking for support.
+ **Issuing a challenge**
+ Regular browsers will not send username/password credentials unless they
+ first receive a challenge from the server. The following recipe will
+ register a view that will send a Basic Auth challenge to the user whenever
+ there is an attempt to call a view which results in a Forbidden response::
+ from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPForbidden
+ from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPUnauthorized
+ from import forget
+ from pyramid.view import view_config
+ @view_config(context=HTTPForbidden)
+ def basic_challenge(request):
+ response = HTTPUnauthorized()
+ response.headers.update(forget(request))
+ return response
def __init__(self, check, realm='Realm', debug=False):
self.check = check

1 comment on commit 0678dec

Pylons Project member

nitpick: in the recipe you can fold the 2 httpexceptions imports into 1 line

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