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normalize zodb tut design doc with text from sqla design doc

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1 parent 2f2c481 commit 0dc5716037d9ba5ffffbddf2ade893cc55b7ddd4 @mcdonc mcdonc committed Mar 17, 2012
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4 docs/tutorials/wiki/design.rst
@@ -4,14 +4,14 @@ Design
Following is a quick overview of our wiki application, to help
us understand the changes that we will be doing next in our
-default files generated by the paster scafffold.
+default files generated by the ``zodb`` scafffold.
We choose to use ``reStructuredText`` markup in the wiki text.
Translation from reStructuredText to HTML is provided by the
-widely used docutils Python module. We will add this module
+widely used ``docutils`` Python module. We will add this module
in the dependency list on the project ```` file.

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