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@@ -158,10 +158,24 @@ Some gotchas:
Using Alternate Session Factories
-At the time of this writing, exactly one project-endorsed alternate session
-factory exists named :term:`pyramid_redis_sessions`. It can be downloaded from
-PyPI. It uses the Redis database as a backend. It is the recommended
-persistent session solution at the time of this writing.
+The following session factories exist at the time of this writing.
+======================= ======= =============================
+Session Factory Backend Description
+======================= ======= =============================
+pyramid_redis_sessions_ Redis_ Server-side session library
+ for Pyramid, using Redis for
+ storage.
+pyramid_beaker_ Beaker_ Session factory for Pyramid
+ backed by the Beaker
+ sessioning system.
+======================= ======= =============================
+.. _pyramid_redis_sessions:
+.. _Redis:
+.. _pyramid_beaker:
+.. _Beaker:
.. index::
single: session factory (custom)
@@ -743,9 +743,9 @@ When people use your web application, they frequently perform a task
that requires semi-permanent data to be saved. For example, a shopping
cart. This is called a :term:`session`.
-Pyramid has basic built-in support for sessions, with add-ons such as
-``pyramid_redis_sessions`` (or your own custom sessioning engine) that provide
-richer session support. Let's take a look at the
+Pyramid has basic built-in support for sessions. Third party packages such as
+``pyramid_redis_sessions`` provide richer session support. Or you can create
+your own custom sessioning engine. Let's take a look at the
:doc:`built-in sessioning support <../narr/sessions>`. In our
```` we first import the kind of sessioning we want:

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