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1.10 (2018-10-31)
- No major changes from 1.10b1.
1.10b1 (2018-10-28)
Bug Fixes
- Fix the ``pyramid.testing.DummyRequest`` to support the new
``request.accept`` API so that ``acceptable_offers`` is available even
when code sets the value to a string.
- Fix deprecated escape sequences in preparation for Python 3.8.
1.10a1 (2018-10-15)
- Add a ``_depth`` and ``_category`` arguments to all of the venusian
decorators. The ``_category`` argument can be used to affect which actions
are registered when performing a ``config.scan(..., category=...)`` with a
specific category. The ``_depth`` argument should be used when wrapping
the decorator in your own. This change affects ``pyramid.view.view_config``,
``pyramid.view.forbidden_view_config``, ``pyramid.view.notfound_view_config``,
```` and ``pyramid.response.response_adapter``
decorators. See and
- Fix the ``pyramid.request.Request`` class name after using
``set_property`` or ``config.add_request_method`` such that the
``str(request.__class__)`` would appear as ``pyramid.request.Request``
instead of ``pyramid.util.Request``.
- In ``cherrypy_server_runner``, prefer imports from the ``cheroot`` package
over the legacy imports from `cherrypy.wsgiserver`.
- Add a context manager ``route_prefix_context`` to the
``pyramid.config.Configurator`` to allow for convenient setting of the
route_prefix for ``include`` and ``add_route`` calls inside the context.
- Modify the builtin session implementations to support ``SameSite`` options
on cookies and set the default to ``'Lax'``. This affects
``pyramid.session.SignedCookieSessionFactory``, and
- Modify ``pyramid.authentication.AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy`` and
``pyramid.csrf.CookieCSRFStoragePolicy`` to support the ``SameSite`` option
on cookies and set the default to ``'Lax'``.
- Added new ``pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPPermanentRedirect``
exception/response object for a HTTP 308 redirect.
- Within ``pshell``, allow the user-defined ``setup`` function to be a
generator, in which case it may wrap the command's lifecycle.
- Within ``pshell``, variables defined by the ``[pshell]`` settings are
available within the user-defined ``setup`` function.
- Add support for Python 3.7. Add testing on Python 3.8 with allowed failures.
- Added the ``pyramid.config.Configurator.add_accept_view_order`` directive,
allowing users to specify media type preferences in ambiguous situations
such as when several views match. A default ordering is defined for media
types that prefers human-readable html/text responses over JSON.
- Support a list of media types in the ``accept`` predicate used in
- Added ``pyramid.session.JSONSerializer``. See "Upcoming Changes to ISession
in Pyramid 2.0" in the "Sessions" chapter of the documentation for more
information about this feature.
- Add a ``registry`` argument to ``pyramid.renderers.get_renderer``
to allow users to avoid threadlocals during renderer lookup.
- Pyramid's test suite is no longer distributed with the universal wheel.
- All Python code is now formatted automatically using ``black``.
Bug Fixes
- Set appropriate ``code`` and ``title`` attributes on the ``HTTPClientError``
and ``HTTPServerError`` exception classes. This prevents inadvertently
returning a 520 error code.
- Replace ``webob.acceptparse.MIMEAccept`` from WebOb with
``webob.acceptparse.create_accept_header`` in the HTTP exception handling
code. The old ``MIMEAccept`` has been deprecated. The new methods follow the
RFC's more closely. See
- Catch extra errors like ``AttributeError`` when unpickling "trusted"
session cookies with bad pickle data in them. This would occur when sharing
a secret between projects that shouldn't actually share session cookies,
like when reusing secrets between projects in development.
- The ``pyramid.intefaces.ISession`` interface will move to require
JSON-serializable objects in Pyramid 2.0. See
"Upcoming Changes to ISession in Pyramid 2.0" in the "Sessions" chapter
of the documentation for more information about this change.
- The ``pyramid.session.signed_serialize`` and
``pyramid.session.signed_deserialize`` functions will be removed in Pyramid
2.0, along with the removal of
``pyramid.session.UnencryptedCookieSessionFactoryConfig`` which was
deprecated in Pyramid 1.5. Please switch to using the
``SignedCookieSessionFactory``, copying the code, or another session
implementation if you're still using these features.
- Media ranges are deprecated in the ``accept`` argument of
``pyramid.config.Configurator.add_route``. Use a list of explicit
media types to ``add_route`` to support multiple types.
- Media ranges are deprecated in the ``accept`` argument of
``pyramid.config.Configurator.add_view``. There is no replacement for
ranges to ``add_view``, but after much discussion the workflow is
fundamentally ambiguous in the face of various client-supplied values for
the ``Accept`` header.
Backward Incompatibilities
- On Python 3.4+ the ``repoze.lru`` dependency is dropped. If you were using
this package directly in your apps you should make sure that you are
depending on it directly within your project.
- Remove the ``permission`` argument from
``pyramid.config.Configurator.add_route``. This was an argument left over
from a feature removed in Pyramid 1.5 and has had no effect since then.
- Modify the builtin session implementations to set ``SameSite='Lax'`` on
cookies. This affects ``pyramid.session.BaseCookieSessionFactory``,
``pyramid.session.SignedCookieSessionFactory``, and
- Variables defined in the ``[pshell]`` section of the settings will no
longer override those set by the ``setup`` function.
- ``pyramid.config.Configurator.add_notfound_view`` uses default redirect
class exception ``pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPTemporaryRedirect`` instead
of previous ``pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPFound``.
- Removed ``pyramid.config.Configurator.set_request_property`` which had been
deprecated since Pyramid 1.5. Instead use
``pyramid.config.Configurator.add_request_method`` with ``reify=True`` or
- Removed the ``principal`` keyword argument from
```` which had been deprecated since Pyramid 1.6
and replaced by the ``userid`` argument.
- Removed the ``pyramid.tests`` subpackage that used to contain the Pyramid
test suite. These changes also changed the format of the repository to move
the code into a ``src`` folder.
Documentation Changes
- Ad support for Read The Docs Ethical Ads.
See and
- Add support for alembic to the pyramid-cookiecutter-alchemy cookiecutter
and update the wiki2 tutorial to explain how it works.
See and
- Bump Sphinx to >= 1.7.4 in to support ``emphasize-lines`` in PDFs
and to pave the way for xelatex support. See,, and
- Added extra tests to the quick tutorial.
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