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@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@ others' technology.
single: Hathaway, Shane
single: Akkerman, Wichert
single: Laflamme, Blaise
+ single: Laflamme, Hugues
single: Bangert, Ben
single: Duncan, Casey
single: Orr, Mike
@@ -175,10 +176,9 @@ software. Without the help of these folks, neither this book nor the
software which it details would exist: Paul Everitt, Tres Seaver, Andrew
Sawyers, Malthe Borch, Carlos de la Guardia, Chris Rossi, Shane Hathaway,
Daniel Holth, Wichert Akkerman, Georg Brandl, Blaise Laflamme, Ben Bangert,
-Casey Duncan, Mike Orr, John Shipman, Simon Oram and Nat Hardwick of
-Electrosoup, Ian Bicking of the Open Planning Project, Jim Fulton of Zope
-Corporation, Tom Moroz of the Open Society Institute, and Todd Koym of
-Environmental Health Sciences.
+Casey Duncan, Hugues Laflamme, Mike Orr, John Shipman, Simon Oram, Nat
+Hardwick, Ian Bicking, Jim Fulton, Tom Moroz of the Open Society Institute,
+and Todd Koym of Environmental Health Sciences.
Thanks to Guido van Rossum and Tim Peters for Python.
@@ -52,14 +52,13 @@ Editor:
Casey Duncan
Ben Bangert, Blaise Laflamme, Rob Miller, Mike Orr, Carlos de la Guardia,
Paul Everitt, Tres Seaver, John Shipman, Marius Gedminas, Chris Rossi,
Joachim Krebs, Xavier Spriet, Reed O'Brien, William Chambers, Charlie
Choiniere, Jamaludin Ahmad, Graham Higgins.
-.. Cover Designer:
-.. Nat Hardwick of `Electrosoup <>`_.
+Cover Designer:
+ Hugues Laflamme of `Kemeneur <>`_.
Used with permission:

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