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Update TODO to indicate Mako docs are in, and add todo for removing

webob reference and add todo for httpexceptions.
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1 parent 7d01c60 commit 7097eaac8e6378571fa3f535a5db7600ca5d1c7a @bbangert bbangert committed
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6 TODO.txt
@@ -70,8 +70,6 @@
- CRSF token machinery
-- Mako docs (in templating chapter).
- ``add_handler`` documentation.
- ``handler`` ZCML directive.
@@ -100,3 +98,7 @@
``renderer``; pass a dictionary to each renderer instead of a string.
- Test on GAE, Jython, PyPy, IronPython.
+- Remove references to 'WebOb' Response and just call it 'Response', and note
+ that it is imported from pyramid. API docs can mention its inheritance from
+ webob.

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