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@@ -12,10 +12,10 @@ patterns is checked one-by-one. If one of the patterns matches the path
information associated with a request, a particular :term:`view
callable` is invoked.
-:term:`URL dispatch` is one of two ways to perform :term:`resource
-location` in :app:`Pyramid`; the other way is using :term:`traversal`.
-If no route is matched using :term:`URL dispatch`, :app:`Pyramid` falls
-back to :term:`traversal` to handle the :term:`request`.
+:term:`URL dispatch` is one of two ways to perform :term:`resource location`
+in :app:`Pyramid`; the other way is to use :term:`traversal`. If no route is
+matched using :term:`URL dispatch`, :app:`Pyramid` falls back to
+:term:`traversal` to handle the :term:`request`.
It is the responsibility of the :term:`resource location` subsystem
(i.e., :term:`URL dispatch` or :term:`traversal`) to find the resource
@@ -67,8 +67,8 @@ attributes.
.. _config-add-route:
-Configuring a Route via The ``add_route`` Configurator Method
+Configuring a Route to Match a View
The :meth:`pyramid.config.Configurator.add_route` method adds a single
:term:`route configuration` to the :term:`application registry`. Here's an
@@ -84,90 +84,45 @@ example:
config.add_route('myroute', '/prefix/{one}/{two}')
config.add_view(myview, route_name='myroute')
-.. versionchanged:: 1.0a4
- Prior to 1.0a4, routes allow for a marker starting with a ``:``, for
- example ``/prefix/:one/:two``. This style is now deprecated
- in favor of ``{}`` usage which allows for additional functionality.
+When a :term:`view callable` added to the configuration by way of
+:meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.add_view` bcomes associated with a route
+via its ``route_name`` predicate, that view callable will always be found
+and invoked when the associated route pattern matches during a request.
-.. index::
- single: route configuration; view callable
-.. _add_route_view_config:
-Route Configuration That Names a View Callable
-.. warning:: This section describes a feature which has been deprecated in
- Pyramid 1.1 and higher. In order to reduce confusion and documentation
- burden, passing view-related parameters to
- :meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.add_route` is deprecated.
- In versions earlier than 1.1, a view was permitted to be connected to a
- route using a set of ``view*`` parameters passed to the
- :meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.add_route`. This was a shorthand
- which replaced the need to perform a subsequent call to
- :meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.add_view` as described in
- :ref:`config-add-route`. For example, it was valid (and often recommended)
- to do:
- .. code-block:: python
+More commonly, you will not use any ``add_view`` statements in your project's
+"setup" code, instead only using ``add_route`` statements using a
+:term:`scan` for to associate view callables with routes. For example, if
+this is a portion of your project's ````:
- config.add_route('home', '/', view='mypackage.views.myview',
- view_renderer='some/')
- Instead of the equivalent:
- .. code-block:: python
- config.add_route('home', '/')
- config.add_view('mypackage.views.myview', route_name='home')
- renderer='some/')
- Passing ``view*`` arguments to ``add_route`` as shown in the first
- example above is now deprecated in favor of connecting a view to a
- predefined route via :meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.add_view` using
- the route's ``route_name`` parameter, as shown in the second example
- above.
+.. code-block:: python
- A deprecation warning is now issued when any view-related parameter is
- passed to ``Configurator.add_route``. The recommended way to associate a
- view with a route is documented in :ref:`config-add-route`.
+ # in your project's (mypackage.__init__)
-When a route configuration declaration names a ``view`` attribute, the value
-of the attribute will reference a :term:`view callable`. This view callable
-will be invoked when the route matches. A view callable, as described in
-:ref:`views_chapter`, is developer-supplied code that "does stuff" as the
-result of a request.
+ config.add_route('myroute', '/prefix/{one}/{two}')
+ config.scan('mypackage')
-Here's an example route configuration that references a view callable:
+Note that we don't call :meth:`~pyramid.config.Configurator.add_view` in this
+setup code. However, the above :term:`scan` execution
+``config.scan('mypackage')`` will pick up all :term:`configuration
+decoration`, including any objects decorated with the
+:class:`pyramid.view.view_config` decorator in the ``mypackage`` Python
+pakage. For example, if you have a ```` in your package, a scan will
+pick up any of its configuration decorators, so we can add one there that
+that references ``myroute`` as a ``route_name`` parameter:
.. code-block:: python
- :linenos:
- # "config" below is presumed to be an instance of the
- # pyramid.config.Configurator class; "myview" is assumed
- # to be a "view callable" function
- from myproject.views import myview
- config.add_route('myroute', '/prefix/{one}/{two}', view=myview)
-You can also pass a :term:`dotted Python name` as the ``view`` argument
-rather than an actual callable:
-.. code-block:: python
- :linenos:
+ # in your project's module (mypackage.views)
- # "config" below is presumed to be an instance of the
- # pyramid.config.Configurator class; "myview" is assumed
- # to be a "view callable" function
- config.add_route('myroute', '/prefix/{one}/{two}',
- view='myproject.views.myview')
+ from pyramid.view import view_config
+ from pyramid.response import Response
-When a route configuration names a ``view`` attribute, the :term:`view
-callable` named as that ``view`` attribute will always be found and invoked
-when the associated route pattern matches during a request.
+ @view_config(route_name='myroute')
+ def myview(request):
+ return Response('OK)
-See :meth:`pyramid.config.Configurator.add_route` for a description of
-view-related arguments.
+THe above combination of ``add_route`` and ``scan`` is completely equivalent
+to using the previous combination of ``add_route`` and ``add_view``.
.. index::
single: route path pattern syntax

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