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lingering todo items

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commit 84c5ec61e9e55f7e8eb142f09ddbf96b30492dd1 1 parent c26a4a5
Chris McDonough authored
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9 TODO.txt
@@ -9,7 +9,11 @@
- Fix message catalog extraction / compilation documentation.
-- Docs about creating a venusian decorator.
+- Change docs about creating a venusian decorator to not use ZCA.
+- Add a ``susbcriber`` decorator and docs.
+- Venusian: skip .pyc-only files.
Renderer overhaul
@@ -118,4 +122,5 @@ A semi-pseudocode example:
This is mostly an amelioration for the first and second bullet points
above. The second two bullet points are not addressed by it.
+Also: think about generalizing this a bit into something which wraps a
+view callable like a decorator, which can influence input and output.
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