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mcdonc committed Jul 22, 2011
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@@ -317,6 +317,16 @@ Minor Feature Additions
has a ``last`` attribute containing the last registry loaded. This is used
by the scripting machinery, and is available for introspection.
+- Added the :attr:`pyramid.renderers.null_renderer` object as an API. The
+ null renderer is an object that can be used in advanced integration cases
+ as input to the view configuration ``renderer=`` argument. When the null
+ renderer is used as a view renderer argument, Pyramid avoids converting the
+ view callable result into a Response object. This is useful if you want to
+ reuse the view configuration and lookup machinery outside the context of
+ its use by the Pyramid router. (This feature was added for consumption by
+ the ``pyramid_rpc`` package, which uses view configuration and lookup
+ outside the context of a router in exactly this way.)
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