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@mcdonc mcdonc authored
5 docs/designdefense.rst
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ much more insidious and harmful set of duplication at higher levels in the
Python web community.
:app:`Pyramid` began its life as :mod:`repoze.bfg`, written by a team of
-people with many years of prior :ref:`Zope` experience. The idea of
+people with many years of prior :term:`Zope` experience. The idea of
:term:`traversal` and the way :term:`view lookup` works was stolen entirely
from Zope. The authorization subsystem provided by :app:`Pyramid` is a
derivative of Zope's. The idea that an application can be *extended* without
@@ -418,9 +418,6 @@ method was ``POST`` and that the remote user agent passed
"Under the hood", these features make no use of interfaces.
-For more information about predicates, see
-:ref:`view_predicates_in_1dot1` and :ref:`route_predicates_in_1dot1`.
Many "prebaked" predicates exist. However, use of only "prebaked" predicates,
however, doesn't entirely meet Ian's criterion. He would like to be able to
match a request using a lambda or another function which interrogates the
4 docs/narr/resources.rst
@@ -205,12 +205,12 @@ In general, since so much :app:`Pyramid` infrastructure depends on
location-aware resources, it's a good idea to make each resource in your tree
-.. _generating_the_url_of_a_resource:
.. index::
single: resource_url
pair: generating; resource url
+.. _generating_the_url_of_a_resource:
Generating The URL Of A Resource
4 docs/narr/urldispatch.rst
@@ -1019,12 +1019,12 @@ which you started the application from. For example:
See :ref:`environment_chapter` for more information about how, and where to
set these values.
-.. _displaying_application_routes:
.. index::
pair: routes; printing
single: paster proutes
+.. _displaying_application_routes:
Displaying All Application Routes
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