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@@ -390,20 +390,6 @@ completely optional. No ZCML is required at all to use :app:`Pyramid`, nor
any other sort of frameworky declarative frontend to application
-.. _model_traversal_confusion:
-Pyramid Uses "Model" To Represent A Node In The Graph of Objects Traversed
-The ``repoze.bfg`` documentation used to refer to the graph being traversed
-when :term:`traversal` is used as a "model graph". A terminology overlap
-confused people who wrote applications that always use ORM packages such as
-SQLAlchemy, which has a different notion of the definition of a "model". As
-a result, in Pyramid 1.0a7, the tree of objects traversed is now renamed to
-:term:`resource tree` and its components are now named :term:`resource`
-objects. Associated APIs have been changed. This hopefully alleviates the
-terminology confusion caused by overriding the term "model".
Pyramid Does Traversal, And I Don't Like Traversal

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