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@mcdonc mcdonc authored
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15 TODO.txt
@@ -34,11 +34,15 @@ Should-Have
- Fix indirect circular import between router and config.
+- Debug option to print view matching decision (e.g. debug_viewlookup or so).
+- Eliminate non-deployment-non-scaffold-related Paste dependencies:
+ ``paste.urlparser.StaticURLParser``, ``paste.auth.auth_tkt`` (cutnpaste or
+ reimplement both).
-- Maybe add ``add_renderer_globals`` method to Configurator.
- Speed up startup time (defer _bootstrap and registerCommonDirectives()
until needed by ZCML, as well as unfound speedups).
@@ -76,13 +80,16 @@ Nice-to-Have
- Create a function which performs a recursive request.
-- Debug option to print view matching decision.
- Update App engine chapter with less creaky directions.
+Probably Bad Ideas
- Add functionality that mocks the behavior of ``repoze.browserid``.
- Consider implementing the API outlined in, phasing out the
current auth-n-auth abstractions in a backwards compatible way.
+- Maybe add ``add_renderer_globals`` method to Configurator.
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