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wichert commented Nov 10, 2011

For a project I need a directory structures for images, where each directory name may have undesirable characters such as /. To solve this I am URL-quoting directory names on the filesystem. That means I have paths such as media/help/tops/halter%20tops/one%2Btwo/image 1.jpg . I can build a static URL for those in the usual way, for example request.static_url('mypackage:templates/media/help/tops/halter%20tops/image 1.jpg, which results in the URL http://localhost/media/help/tops/halter%20tops/image 1.jpg. This URL has a problem when used as-is: the spaces and %-sign still need to be quoted. This is problem one:

  1. static_url should probably do URL-quoting

as a workaround I modified my code to double-quote the directory names and quote the filenames. That results in URLs such as http://localhost/media/help/hater%2520tops/image%201.jpg. This still does not work: something in the pyramid is double-unquoting incoming paths, and as a result I still get a 404. This is the second problem:

  1. PATH_INFO is URL-unquoted twice for static views, leading to problems with filesystem paths that themselves use URL-quoting

as a last attempt I tried to tripple-quote everything. This produces lovely URLs such as http://localhost/media/help/hater%252520tops/image%25201.jpg, but does end up working.


mcdonc commented Nov 18, 2011

Problem 2 appears to be fixed in the trunk.

  • Render a new starter scaffold.
  • Add a directory named "halter%20tops" to the "static" directory of the package.
  • Add a jpeg image within the "halter%20tops" directory named "image 1.jpg"
  • Start the server; visit "http://localhost:6543/static/halter%2520tops/image%201.jpg".. the image will be rendered.

mcdonc commented Nov 18, 2011

Problem 1 (static_url) I've fixed on master.

Going to look into fixing this on the 1.2 branch too.

@mcdonc mcdonc closed this in 7fe36a3 Nov 18, 2011

mcdonc added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 18, 2011

- Backport fix from master: ``request.static_url`` now generates URL-…

  URLs when fed a ``path`` argument which contains characters that are
  unsuitable for URLs.  See #349 for
  more information.

- Backport from master: fix ``request.json_body`` to deal with alternate
  request charsets.

Ref: issue #349.
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