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Signum commented Jan 8, 2011

On the documentation reads "By default, sdist does not place non-Python-source files in generated tarballs.".

We have had the same issue in Pylons back then and decided that it's worth creating a file reading:

recursive-include foo/static *
recursive-include foo/templates *

Please at least add to the documentation that such a file helps distributing a complete application. I honestly don't see the reason not to include templates and static files in a Pyramid-based application because it will probably not work.

My preferred solution is to include such a as we did in Pylons.


mgedmin commented Jan 8, 2011

I second this in the strongest possible terms. Relying on setuptools version control support breaks down when

  • the user running python sdist forgets to install the relevant plugin for git/hg support
  • subversion releases a new version that changes the working tree format again, breaking setuptools (this used to happen once a year or so)
  • the user tries to build an sdist from a tree created by svn export
  • the user unpacks an sdist, modifies it, and tries to build an sdist again. works always.


mcdonc commented Jan 20, 2011

Can anyone describe (or point me to a link that describes) the interaction between and setuptools autoinclusion-by-version-control-status?

Signum commented Jan 20, 2011

I have never used the "autoinclusion-by-version-control-status" feature. The is a description of files that should get included in a Python package although they are not actual Python files. See:


mgedmin commented Jan 20, 2011

Here's the Setuptools official documentation.

My experience with it leads me to summarize: sdist includes all of

  • files that are under version control (assuming setuptools recognizes the version control system)
  • files that are included by
  • files that were included by the MANIFEST in the .egg-info directory of the previous build

mcdonc commented Jan 22, 2011 files are now included in the renderings of each paster template in Pyramid: 47442fb

This issue was closed.

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