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ghost commented Mar 14, 2012

I think there's error in docs. http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid/en/1.2-branch/tutorials/wiki2/authorization.html
I apologize if I mess here something. This is first time I commit in a large project.

wichert and others added some commits Sep 28, 2011
@wichert wichert Accept unicode token instances with ascii content
This is required when reissueing cookies which include a token: WebOb
returns the tokens from a cookie as unicode instances, so remember()
must be able to deal with them when refreshing.

This is a backport of dd5a91e to the
1.2 branch.
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.1 1e2d59a
@mcdonc mcdonc note docs fixes 36119a3
michr make sphinx compile strictly by turning all warnings into errors
and fix up existing warnings (1.2-branch)
@mcdonc mcdonc Merge pull request #305 from michr/1.2-branch
make sphinx compile strictly by turning all warnings into errors and fix up existing warnings (1.2-branch)
@mcdonc Cameron Ring match_param was missing from the view_config decorator d1ff2ec
@mcdonc mcdonc garden 31938b4
@mcdonc mcdonc better deprecation warning 8c8b387
@blaflamme blaflamme updated docs for rtd 4963504
@mcdonc mcdonc - Backport fixes from master regarding URL decoding. URL segments are
  no-longer "double-decoded" during traversal and when encountered in a route
  subpath (or other star-arg pattern).  As a result, a new API named
  ``pyramid.traversal.traversal_path_info`` was added to the system.  This
  function accepts an already-URL-decoded string and returns a tuple of
  Unicode objects.  This API is used internally by Pyramid in all places that
  ``pyramid.traversal.traversal_path`` used to be used.  The
  ``traversal_path`` function remains for backwards compatibility, however,
  and can still be used when a path is encoded.  See
  #349 for more information.

Closes #349.
@mcdonc mcdonc - Backport fix from master: ``request.static_url`` now generates URL-…

  URLs when fed a ``path`` argument which contains characters that are
  unsuitable for URLs.  See #349 for
  more information.

- Backport from master: fix ``request.json_body`` to deal with alternate
  request charsets.

Ref: issue #349.
@mcdonc mcdonc - Backport from master: The AuthTktCookieHelper could potentially gen…

  Unicode headers inappropriately when the ``tokens`` argument to remember
  was used.  See #314.

References issue #314.
@rfk @mcdonc rfk Avoid timing attacks in AuthTktAutenticationPolicy
This factors out the timing-invariant string comparison code from
session.py and re-uses it for signature checking in AuthTkt code.
@mcdonc mcdonc - The AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy did not use a timing-attack-aware s…

  comparator.  See #320 for more info.

References issue#320.
@rbu @mcdonc rbu DummySession: Correctly implement ISession by generating CSRF token i…
…f it's missing
@mcdonc mcdonc - Backport from master: the DummySession in ``pyramid.testing`` now g…

  a new CSRF token if one doesn't yet exist.
@mcdonc mcdonc - A ``mako.directories`` setting is no longer required to use Mako te…

  Rationale: Mako template renderers can be specified using an absolute asset
  spec.  An entire application can be written with such asset specs,
  requiring no ordered lookup path.
@mcdonc mcdonc fix test failure on jython; fix traversal_path_info docstring ab128b8
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.2 a5175c2
@jpcw jpcw add bpython support to pshell c28a03e
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.3 4a572dc
@jpcw jpcw add bpython support to pshell with raydeo remarks and design 02b6046
@mmerickel mmerickel Merge branch '1.2-branch' of https://github.com/jpcw/pyramid into pul…
@mmerickel mmerickel backported changes from commits #ce1d0, 3808f and 99513. ebb663f
@mmerickel mmerickel updated changelog c5d4f02
@mcdonc mcdonc backport fixes for 32-bit platforms from master (datetime tests) bf72c55
@mmerickel mmerickel Merge branch 'pull.356' into 1.2-branch 415d082
@mmerickel mmerickel garden 044b029
@mcdonc mcdonc use correct github links for this branch 1ddae49
@blaflamme blaflamme updated doc theme workflow ebda7cd
@blaflamme blaflamme fixed version number 2b9f0e7
@blaflamme blaflamme fixed git ref 034812b
@cd34 @mcdonc cd34 https://docs.pylonsproject.org to http://docs.pylonsproject.org as re…
…adthedocs.org doesn't support https
@mcdonc mcdonc bad cherry-pick b566765
@mcdonc mcdonc prevent a scaffold rendering from being named site 9b4fb11
@mcdonc mcdonc garden 50a794b
@mcdonc mcdonc - Forward compatibility for ``pyramid_zcml`` >= 0.8 + ``zope.configur…

  >= 3.8.0.
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.4 b5e035a
@mcdonc mcdonc try to protect against shell commands being invoked if imported durin…
…g installation
@mcdonc mcdonc test f21398e
@mcdonc mcdonc - Backport the ``egg:pyramid#wsgiref`` and ``egg:pyramid#cherrypy`` s…

  runners from the 1.3 branch.  This change is to primarily allow scaffolding
  authors to rely on the wsgiref entry point for projects that are meant to
  work on both Pyramid 1.2.5 and 1.3.X.
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.5 02ad73d
@mcdonc mcdonc backport pathinfogeddon from 1.3 branch 6833b5f
@mcdonc mcdonc coverage 980f0a3
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.6 ab32ca0
@wichert wichert Prevent double quoting of paths in static urls. 4248344
@mcdonc mcdonc incoming merge fixes #407 ad60ff2
@mcdonc mcdonc backport fix for issue #404 d5fc07c
@mcdonc mcdonc prep for 1.2.7 dd52ac9
@mcdonc mcdonc - Internal: catch unhashable discriminators early (raise an error ins…
…tead of

  allowing them to find their way into resolveConflicts).
@mmerickel mmerickel Backported a test to reproduce #425. 42a8fb3
@mmerickel mmerickel Backported match_param to accept a tuple. Fixes #425. e86e2fc
@mdobrzanski mdobrzanski I guess that's the view for the route c0ba629

You need to redo this pull request (close and open a new one) with the pull request pointing to the Pylons:1.2-branch of pyramid, not Pylons:master. That is why there are so many commits here.

@ghost ghost closed this Mar 14, 2012
This issue was closed.
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